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Chancè Gatoro is a student at Utah State University, studying pre-law with a minor in Political Science. She moved to the US when she was 11, after living in a refugee camp in Uganda for 3 years. She is a former Miss Congo United Nations, Miss Congo USA First Princess and Miss Congo Utah.

Chancè reached out to us for support, so we thought we would do a short Q&A with her to spotlight her cause and help support her bid for Miss Black USA 2015.

What was the process to becoming Miss Black Utah and why was it something you sought out?

I’ve always loved the thought of changing lives. Being apart of a pageant was a way for me to do so. To become Miss Black Utah we compete in Platform (mine is “educating our future”), on stage questions, evening wear competition, per-competition interview questions with judges, fitness/swimsuit wear, and community service.

What’s your goal for this years competition?

My goal this year is to unit the African Community in Utah.

How can people support your bid for Miss Black USA?

I am in need of all the support I can receive. You can go to my FB page and GoFund Me page to learn more on how you can support me on my journey to winning Miss Black USA. (Also check out her official website.)

If you won, would what you do first?

If I was to Win Miss Black USA, my first task would be to enlarge my foundation on education and to help get the students I work with more scholarship chances.

What issues have you used your title as Miss Black Utah to highlight? Any good stories from the work you’ve done/people you’ve met?

Being Miss Black Utah USA has really helped me with so much, it’s hard to narrow down. One of my favorite things I would say is getting to travel to different schools, events, and other places to share my story on the importance of education. The fact that I get to inspire people through my experiences has been amazing to me.

What’s the toughest thing about being Miss Black Utah and the most rewarding?

The hardest thing about being Miss Black Utah is getting support from Utah. It’s no secret that Utah does not have the largest African American Community therefor it makes it a little tougher. The best part about being Miss Black Utah is being able help our community right here in my own state of Utah!

From her website:

“My platform is to educate the Future of Congo and America. I am part of the Founders of ASFACA nonprofit organization that helps build and maintain a school and an orphanage in the Congo. I am also the spokesperson for Global outreach. I work closely with the company to raise money to sponsor children attending and living at the Mango School Tree and orphanage. With the tittle Miss Black USA 2015, I have been going to different High Schools and Middle Schools to speak to students about the importance of Educations and sharing my experience as a young African woman who was born and raised in the Congo. ”

For more info on how you can support Chancè, check out her Support Page on her website.