Often Overlooked. Secretly Amazing. Great Salt Lake Clothing Co.
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Michael Martin & David Marquardt

Great Salt Lake Clothing Company was born out of a simple idea: Salt Lake City, Utah is awesome. The people that live here, the things they do, and the places they do them are all nothing short of awe-inspiring.

In spite of all the awesomeness that Utahns readily have at their disposal, the Beehive State is all too often written off as a niche sport city filled with religious zealots and goofy liquor laws. While those do exist, they are a shallow snapshot of the mosaic that makes Utah such a beautiful, fun, easy - and yes - quirky place to live.

To help Utah take a stand against the high desert haters, bandwagon Lakers fans and anyone else doubting us - we created GSL Clothing Company.

Our mission is to give you a new way to show your pride for Utah.

We know Salt Lakers don’t need a bullhorn (unless they're at Rio Tinto cheering on RSL) to announce how much they love Utah – that’s not the way they work. But we can all use a reason to feel good about the people, places, and things we consider home.

Today, we’re creating super soft, high quality t-shirts and beard butter (random we know). Tomorrow, hoodies and hats. Someday soon, we hope to feature local artwork & photography, profile remarkable local businesses, and highlight inspiring charitable causes…in the Beehive state.

The concept for Great Salt Lake Clothing Co. was conceived of by myself, Dave Marquardt, and my friend Mike Martin. Mike grew up in Cleveland Ohio – a humble, blue-collar, rust belt city. I grew up here in Salt Lake City, an outdoor mecca mostly known by others only for our large LDS population. While the two cities couldn’t be more different in most respects, they’re natural allies by sharing the same identity –often overlooked yet secretly amazing.

Two of our inspirations for Great Salt Lake Clothing Co. are the Cleveland Clothing Co. and Fresh Brewed Tees. They’re already letting the secret out about how awesome Ohio is. We’re excited to start doing the same for the Beehive State.