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Local Utah Beard Product Roundup

In the late summer of 2014 – after many failed attempts over the years – I finally gained the inner strength to grow a beard. With this beard came a whole new set of responsibilities, including the duty of keeping it well groomed and conditioned. Thus I set out on an internet quest – in search of the knowledge and tools that would be needed to help care for my new facial hair.

Before that point in time I never knew that the world of beard care products even existed. Beard oils, beard balms, beard butters, beard waxes. I wasn’t sure where to even start.

Some of the bigger named players seemed to be Beard Balm, The Texas Beard Company, and Honest Amish. I could go on forever listing all of the products out there at the moment – especially if you start looking around on Etsy. But these were the top 3 that I continued to see through Google and searching around on Amazon. I ended up going with the Beard Balm (out of Detroit) just because it was probably the first one I came across on Amazon and it had great reviews – and I hadn’t even yet thought to look for a local Utah beard product.

Once the balm arrived and I put it on for the first time, I was hooked. I loved the way it felt on my face and the way it made my beard shine – and my girlfriend loved how much softer my beard felt, along with the scent from the balm.

After a few days of using the product and admiring the sticker on the tin – which included the ingredients – I decided to google again and find a “how to” guide for making my own “beard balm”.

A week or two later, my beeswax, shea butter, and oils arrived in the mail and next thing you know, I am in my girlfriend’s kitchen cooking my own homemade “Beard Butter”. Around this same time, Dave and I decided to start a Utah inspired clothing company… and just like that Great Salt Lake Beard Butter was born.

Here is a short list of a few other local folks that are making beard products that we have come in contact with over the last month:

Royal Beard Care

In their own words: “At Royal Beard Care Company we sell all-natural beard oils and mustache waxes. We use high quality carrier and essential oils for our beard oils and all-natural bees wax for our mustache waxes. What separates us from other beard care companies is our emphasis on local companies and a local lifestyle. At Royal Beard Care Co., we are taking the steps to promote local artists through our YouTube channel called Royal Sound Series. We are looking to put our products into local barber shops and salons. We promote an adventurous lifestyle that many Utah residents embrace.

We envision Royal Beard Care Company as a successful staple to the bearded community in Utah as well as across the United States. We hope to establish a strong local following that will enable us to promote great local artists and great local startups like those who are helping us now. As we expand, we hope to have our products available to bearded man everywhere, allowing our brand and lifestyle to grow and flourish. If all goes well with our beard products, we would probably look into expanding our products to include those men who may not grow or wear a beard.”

Brother Brigham

The motto of this St George based company is: “Strong enough for a Pioneer. Gentle enough for a Prophet.”  These guys currently sell a beard oil, a wide toothed comb, and a shampoo and body bar.  In their own words: “I started Brother Brigham’s because I have a beard and wanted a beard oil that didn’t stink. Most beard oils use essential oils for the scent, and I don’t really think essential oils smell good. Brother Brigham’s uses a custom blend of fragrance oils, which smells much better, and avocado oil which is great for the beard and skin. The brand has done surprisingly well and we have great fans.”

Olio Skin Care

Olio is all about treating your beard as well as the skin beneath your beard. Their line of products include several beard, skin, and hair oils, a beard brush, and several face and body scrubs.  From their website: “Olio Skin Care is headquartered in beautiful Utah. We offer natural skincare that real people can use every day. Do you wonder where to find a product that you can use all over your body? With no fear of hidden ingredients? Most cosmetics, lotions and body care products contain ingredients we wouldn’t dare consume. Don’t feed your largest organ anything you don’t want in your blood stream.

60% of what is on our skin gets absorbed. Olio Skin Care Skin Oil can be used day after day without worry of buildup, drying or discoloration. We do not use fragrance. Our products do not contain preservatives or parabens to extend shelf life. We make small batches, with a lot of pride. We care what goes on your skin because you do.

Olio Skin Care Oils, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, will soothe and heal your skin. Salts packed with over 60+ trace minerals will replenish what pollutants and outside elements strip. Your skin will begin to look and feel alive. ”

These guys were kind enough to send over a sample of their unscented Beard, Face, & Shave Oil, which Dave and I have been applying every morning to our beards when we get into work. It makes a great compliment to our Beard Butter!

Beard Brew

I don’t have too much info on this company, but I came across them on Instagram and they seem to have a pretty popular following.  From their Instagram page: “Organic essential oils/vitamins for a healthy, shiny & perfectly groomed beard. That’ll keep you looking, feeling & smelling amazing! Brewed in Slc,UT

Their Etsy page offers up beard oils, beard wash, a mustache wax, a beard brush, and even a long sleeved shirt with their logo on it.

So if you are in the market for a local Utah beard product (other than our Beard Butter) – give one of these local companies a look!

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Published on: February 6, 2015
Written by: gsl clothing
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