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Interview with Travis Hill from Utahgram

If you are a regular Instagram user living in Utah or you read our previous post “9 Utah Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow“, then you probably already know of the Utahgram account.

Instagram began in 2010 and as it gained popularity, people began creating local accounts to showcase the picturesque beauty of their particular cities, states, or regions. One of these local Utah accounts is the Utahgram account created by Travis Hill from St George Utah. After we mentioned Travis in our blog post, Travis gave back some “Instalove” – his mention of our account quickly doubled the number of people following us over night!

Amazed and inspired by the power of Instagram, we wanted to talk to Travis and learn more about his love for Utah, how he came to start his Utahgram account, and what the future holds for Utahgram.

Tell us about where you are from and how did you end up in Utah?
I grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho and lived there until I got married. My wife and I moved to St George a year after we were married. We moved in 1996 and are still here in Southern Utah. The weather and the beautiful Red mountains is what keeps me here. Utah is Amazing!

First photo posted on Utahgram

First photo posted on Utahgram

When did you start the Utahgram account?
I attached a photo showing my 1st post. June 2012

How long did it take to reach your 1st 1000 followers?
This is hard to answer. I worked hard to get the 1st 1000 followers. I remembered it was the hardest to get there, but then after the 1st 1000 it continued to grow rapidly.

I read online about your first Instameet in May 2014. How did that go? I’m sure you met a ton of cool people from around Utah…
For the 1st Instameet, it was a big success. We teamed up with another local account called @igersstg. We had around 30+ attend it and we had several sponsors who helped out with this for some great prizes.

Have you had any Instameets since then or plans for any future meetups? Is there somewhere we can go to find a schedule or do you just announce them on your account?
We do plan on having more in the future. We would like to come to Northern Utah this upcoming Spring. We will post it on Instagram when this is to happen. We will also let the local news media and others know when this happens.

It’s fun to Meet other Instagramers in person. You get the chance to visit and meet them face to face and get to know the person who you normally see only on Instagram.

Photo from first Utahgram instameet!

Photo from first Utahgram instameet!

How much of your time in a typical day is spent working on your Utahgram account? Or does it basically run itself at this point?
It depends on who you ask. Ha If you ask my wife she will tell you 10 hours a day. But if you ask me I usually post 1 or 2 photos a day and on Contests days I spend a little more time getting those ready. So its around an hour a day. It’s something I enjoy – looking at the many talented Photographers who use our tag #Utahgram and #Utah. I wish I could post more everyday because there are so many people with talent! Instagram is one of my many hobbies and I love it.

Top 3 favorite locations to take photographs in Utah?
I would say my favorite spot to take photos is Southern Utah because of the many parks we have this area. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Snow Canyon, Moab and much more. I wish I could get up to Northern Utah because there are so many great places there too. It’s something about the Red rocks and desert that I love the most!

What does the future hold for Utahgram? I read about 22K being your magic number of followers, but you are fast approaching that.
Yes 22 K is a number fast approaching, but I know we will pass that in a hurry. We love supporting Utah companies and helping them grow too. With the many contests we run I want to make Utahgram the Utah hub to view photographs. I want everyone in Utah and other people from all over the world to know that Utah is a #beutahful place to visit and see! We Love Utah!

Have you done anything else as far as creating a Utahgram website or merchandise?
We do plan on getting a website soon! It is in the making and hope to launch it soon in the near future.

Thanks for allowing me to tell a little about Utahgram.

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  • Thanks so much for the interview! I’m proud to say “I Love Utah” A big Thanks to all the Followers all over the world! I look forward to 2015 in what it has in store for us! Love The Great Salt Lake Clothing Company! 🙂

  • I am VERY proud of Travis and all he has accomplished in starting this Utahgram account! Travis is very much a people person and loves the outdoors. He is a great father and husband, brother and son! I should know he’s my son and I love him! Keep up the great work Travis, I love Utahgram!

  • What a great article!I have followed Utahgram since they started and Love all the beautiful Pictures they post of Utah! Another highlight I love about it is the feature buisnesses all over and make it possible to win stuff! I look forward seeing more and what they will do next year! Way to go!!

  • What a great trip you are on! What mountain did the guys climb? Looks like an amainzg view! Oh, and to weigh in on an upstate NY point of view, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!” However you say it, the kids get the point! I’m hosting a link party today and would love if you would stop by. We’re talking about favorite iPad/iPod apps in the classroom!

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