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beardHow do I use Beard Butter?

  1. Press your finger into the butter and pinch out a small piece about the size of a dime. You can also use the back of your thumbnail to scrape off a small piece of the butter.
  1. Rub the butter between your hands to soften it.
  1. Work the softened butter into your beard and mustache. Rubbing it into the skin underneath your beard will help nourish the hair follicles. You can rub any remaining butter using a downward motion through your beard hair to help shape it and tame any out of place hair. Use a beard comb or brush to further straighten any other hairs.
  1. Enjoy your happy new beard.

When is the best time to apply my Beard Butter?

We recommend to apply just after a shower or after you wash your face & beard. The warmth from the shower will help soften the butter.

How long should one container of Beard Butter last me?

Our 2 oz containers should last you about a month, but it all really depends on the size of your beard and how often you apply it. Results will vary from beard to beard.

Is Beard Butter good on my morning toast?

While we don't recommend that you eat Beard Butter, it can be used as a lip balm.

Can my wife use Beard Butter?

Only if she wants to grow an amazing beard, but we recommend she try our soon to be released GSL Beaver Butter instead!